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Frequently asked questions that we regularly receive from companies or individuals who have a direct interest and/or need for the supply of any type of Travertine from Turkey

  • Can i have access to the technical report of each travertine?

    On our portal we show a basic resume of the technical data for each travertine, with few items that may be relevant to understand the limestone. However, if you need a full technical analysis of any travertine, you will have to contact us directly.

  • How can i find a travertine that is not available on your portal? presents the most relevant types of travertine being actually extracted in Turkey and commercialized for export, with reliable supply and considerable availability. There are other types of travertine available, with less representation or unreliable extraction. We do not work much with these types of travertine, but can analyze case-by-case and maybe give some support.

  • Can i trust the information available about each travertine?

    The information available about each travertine is reliable and up-to-date. However, the information is only representative of what can be expected, with supply and extraction varying from year to year. For a always updated information about each type of travertine, you should contact us directly.

  • I want to have more information about one type of travertine, and perhaps buy it. How can i do it?

    For all supply requirements you can contact us directly by email. Our commercial team will make sure you will have a quick and professional follow-up to your enquiry.

  • Are there many reserves of travertine in Turkey for future extraction?

    There are huge known reserves of different types of travertine in Turkey. Turkey is today the largest supplier of travertine in the world, and only a fraction of its potential reserves are being extracted. Turkey travertine is a type of stone to consider for the long-term.

  • Are Turkish travertine recommended for exterior applications in my country?

    That will depend on a diversity of factors including the type of climate in the country, temperature variations, type of application, specifications of the material (thickness, finishing, filling, size), type of application and many other factors. In case of doubt, we can analyze case-by-case and give our feedback.

  • Where can i find a supplier near me?

    Travertineportal works in the large majority of cases directly with clients, supplying Turkish travertine directly from Turkey to the final client on its country. However, in some cases we work through distribution network, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

  • Where can i find reference projects of Turkish travertine in my country?

    As a reference Turkish travertine online portal, has a considerable database of information about the travertine and projects done all over the world. If you would like to know information about projects in your country, feel free to contact us directly.

The Portal

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Travertineportal is an online source of information about Turkish travertine. It presents reliable information about the types of travertine with more potential for projects supply, either large commercial or smaller private projects.


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