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There is huge demand for different types of travertine in tile form, with particular interest on the retail market. Many Turkish natural stone manufacturers have a well developed tiles production line, which is seen by many as great complement to more elaborated and labour intensive stone work. Tiles always have demand and in many cases are on constant production, which can help with efficiencies within a stone manufacturer´s factory.

This large demand for tiles has been historically motivated by the USA market, which is a long-term client for Turkish travertine tiles. Due to this consistent and regular demand, Turkish companies have adapted part of this structure for the manufacturing of tiles, which still exists today.


The types of travertine that have most demand in tile form are Travertine Classic, Travertine Walnut and Travertine Noce to a lesses extent. All these materials are mostly demanded in cross-cut, with different types of filling, or simply unfilled.

Additionally, there is a growing demand for alternative types of travertine such as the Travertine Yellow, Travertine Silver or Travertine Rose.


The USA has been for many years the dominant market for the supply of all types of Turkish travertine tiles, with a constant demand for many years now. This material is very appreciated in this market, with particular interest in warmer areas of the country. In addition to the USA, there are relevant markets such as the UK, France, Germany as well as several Asian countries or the Middle East.

Turkish travertine is a well-know type of natural stone in most places of the world and demand for finished tiles is steady and growing.

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