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The market of export of Travertine slabs has quite some relevancy and has been growing considerably in the past several years. Blocks of travertine can be very large and therefore slabs can have considerable dimensions.

In addition and because of the very nature of travertine stone, slabs are often treated (filling) in Turkish factories before being exported. Because many countries do not have structure to do this process, in most cases this is done in Turkey prior to export. This explains why slabs of Travertine have high demand, particularly in the cases where any kind of filling is required.


There is essentially a high demand for most types of travertine, but we could highlight those that have a very competitive market worldwide such as the Travertine Classic (both vein-cut and cross-cut), Travertine Noce (also both vein variations), as well as Travertine Walnut. There is a tendency for beige or brown coloured stones and this explains higher demand for these three types of travertine.

In addition, there is a growing demand for alternative types of travertine such as the Travertine Yellow, Travertine Silver or Travertine Rose.


If China is the dominant market for travertine blocks, then we could say that the Middle East has become a leading importer of Turkish travertine slabs. Due to the very large dimension of many of its projects and manufacturing structure of its local companies, many companies from the Middle East prefer to import filled and finished slabs of travertine, for further cutting and processing into project´s specifications.

Other markets for travertine slabs with some representation are the USA, Europe and some Asian countries.

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