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The mosaic industry goes hand-in-hand with the regular stone industry, meaning that it makes perfect sense to have even a small mosaics production section in the factory to use the left-over from regular production of tiles. This is pretty much the reason why the mosaics industry grew and is today quite relevant, in particular for travertine.

Turkey has a good tradition in manufacturing travertine mosaics and has today a fairly developed structure. As with tiles, the production of mosaics is basically constant and keep the factories working. Most of the mosaics production is done manually, which involves normally a large number of staff. Despite this, the mosaics travertine industry in Turkey has been flourishing and can today present a wide range of types, formats, layouts, designs, etc.


The preferential type of Turkish travertine used in mosaics production is the cross-cut travertine, either filled or unfilled. But due to the very natural of the product that needs different colour and shapes to allow multiple layouts and designs, basically every type of travertine and colour is used to allow this melange that makes travertine mosaics layouts and designs.


Travertine mosaics are mostly used on interior decoration applications, are fairly affordable and widely available on shops, retailers and different suppliers. This is a widely available product that can be found pretty much all over the world, with more or less selection. For this reason we do not find relevant to pinpoint any specific market(s), but just define the travertine mosaics as ceramics, which means that are widely available as a standard product in most places of the world.

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