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The stonework and decoration industry in Turkey is fairly recent and does not have the level of specialization and tradition as the Italian one for example. Until very recently the focus of most Turkish manufacturers has been on standard products such as tiles or slabs. But this trend has been changing and many suppliers in Turkey started investing on modern machinery and training in order to be competitive on this field.

While in places like Italy this type of work has been declining, in Turkey has been growing and developing very fast. There is a certain tradition of stone in Turkey, which combined with modern machinery and training on this field has given place to a complete new industry that is competing at the top level with established players. Turkey is today a country to consider for this type of work.


Any travertine can be used for this type of work, but there is a preference for cross-cut type both filled or unfilled. In the decoration sector there is an overwhelming preference for Travertine Classic, most likely for its colour uniformity and look. The Travertine Classic cross-cut is the ex-libris of travertine in this type of work.

But of course other types of travertine are used such as the Travertine Walnut, Travertine Silver, Travertine Yellow and others.


The market for decoration and stonework products for Turkish travertine stones is still developing, due to the late start of most Turkish companies on this field. However, at this point there are two main markets where this type of finished product is booming: the Middle East and Russia (including some of its former republics). In addition to these markets, there is of course demand from places such as the USA, UK and even Turkey itself.

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