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Travertine has been used in Turkey for cladding or different applications for centuries. This is a historical type of stone that can be found pretty much anywhere in Turkey. However, the export of Turkish travertine for cladding projects is fairly recent and it has become a major nicheĀ in the Turkish stone industry, mostly fueled by massive exterior cladding projects taking place in the Middle East.

Many Turkish companies saw the opportunity and specialized on this specific field, getting involved in developing fixation system, managing installation, maintenance and more. Turkey is now a major international player on the stone cladding industry and with particular importance if the type of stone is any type of travertine.


The preferential type of Turkish travertine that is used on most cladding projects requiring this type of stone is the Travertine Classic (mostly as cross-cut, but with some small representation of vein-cut). Most people associate travertine with beige colour and because of higher demand for travertine for cladding from warmer countries, it makes sense that the preferred colour is beige: meaning the Travertine Classic.

In addition to this, there is a certain demand for travertine cladding using Travertine Yellow or Travertine Noce.


There is a preferential demand for Turkish travertine cladding work from warm countries, in particular around the Middle East, Mediterranean areas. The sandy colour of the most relevant types of travertine do the wonders of architects and designers of cladding projects. So we see an exponential growth of cladding projects requiring travertine all over the Middle East, as well as some Mediterranean countries.

There is also some demand on the USA as well as some European and Asian countries.

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