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Turkey Travertine Classic vein-cut finishes

Dec 25, 2017

The Travertine Classic vein-cut is a very popular type of travertine from Turkey, with high demand all over the world. This is very famous type of travertine that is used on a great number of applications, both on interiors and exteriors. The Travertine Classic from Turkey is considered a very versatile type of travertine, which […]

Travertine Clasic Vein-Cut

How to Choose: Travertine Classic Vein-Cut vs. Cross-Cut

Feb 13, 2017

Mostly known for its rich and abundant vein, the Travertine Classic is not a natural stone with a single appearance. The two main variations, vein-cut and cross-cut, proportionate two different appearances, as they expose distinct parts of the stone.

Travertine Classic Vein-Cut

Travertine Classic from Turkey

Dec 20, 2016

As one of the most reputable travertine stones in the world, the Travertine Classic holds an extraordinary position and a consolidated market, with impressive on-demand values. But what justifies this tremendous success?

Travertine Classic - Interior Flooring

Travertine Classic Applications: Inspiration for Private Houses

May 16, 2016

There are almost infinite possibilities when it comes to build and decorate with the Travertine Classic. But the question is, can you think out of the box and make your project excel on its own?

Travertine Classic cross-cut polished

Travertine Cross Cut vs. Travertine Vein Cut

Jul 27, 2015

Travertine is a popular natural stone with exceptional qualities for construction and decoration. Its structure is quite versatile with a very uniform colour and a seemly clean background.

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