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Travertine Rose


The Travertine Rose is a rose/red coloured natural stone with a slight variation of red and beige tonalities. It displays a uniform background and a medium grain. As a former travertine stone, it is mainly characterized by its natural holes and common darker-brighter areas.

This is a less known type of travertine with limited but growing demand. Extraction is limited due to unknown demand, but there is potential for large increase in terms of extraction. There are several quarries in Turkey that extract Travertine Rose in blocks of every dimension.


Compression strength: 77 MPa; Bending strength: 8,8 MPa; Open porosity: 8,38%


Despite having a considerable range of possible applications, the Travertine Rose is mostly used in cladding, flooring, stonework and bath designs projects. There is a growing number of applications featuring the Travertine Rose all over the world, as this stone gets more recognition.

Travertine Rose

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Travertine Rose


Travertine Rose


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