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Turkey Travertine Classic vein-cut finishes


The Travertine Classic vein-cut is a very popular type of travertine from Turkey, with high demand all over the world. This is very famous type of travertine that is used on a great number of applications, both on interiors and exteriors.

The Travertine Classic from Turkey is considered a very versatile type of travertine, which can normally accept a wide range of surface finishings. On this article, we will introduce you to the range of surface finishings of the Travertine Classic, by dividing this into interior finishings and exterior finishings. The surface finishings we present here are not the only ones available, but in fact these are what can be considered as the most commonly used. We present the same surface finishings with the surface of the travertine filled and unfilled, for a proper comparison.

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Which surface finishes for Travertine Classic Cross-cut

This type of travertine is very versatile and accepts well different finishes


Travertine and Marble surface finishing: split-face

On this video we introduce you to this unique surface finishing: the


Choosing Travertine Silver from Turkey

Here we introduce you to the grey Travertine Silver from Turkey

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