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Travertine and Marble surface finishing: split-face


The split-face is a fantastic way of re-using stone that would normally be rejected or simply with lower selection, turning it into a great looking and fairly uniform type of stone. The split-face is commonly used on exterior cladding, wall coverings or diverse decoration. 

On this video we analyse this beautiful type of surface finishing, explaining its production method and which are the most common types of natural stone used to make this kind of surface. This is normally supplied in bands with fixed thickness and height, mostly using Travertine and Marble. Turkey has a well-developed industry for this specific type of product, so we went all the way to Turkey to get insightful information about this unique product.

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Travertine Rose from Turkey

Here, we introduce you to a wonderful pink travertine from Turkey


Travertine Yellow from Turkey

On this post, we introduce you to a great yellow travertine from


Turkey Travertine Classic vein-cut finishes

On this video, introduce you to the most common types of surface

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